Friday, December 5, 2014

Lovely Movies: the Giver

So I was a little sick AND working on a knitting project. What better time for a random movie? Having read and enjoyed a Lois Lowry book early this year, The Giver seemed like a nice movie to watch before starting on the book.

Do I still want to read the book now? Yes! And the rest of the series, because I want to know what happens next. And also because although I quite enjoyed this film, I am aware of the fact that books are usually better.

Here's the trailer, though thankfully the actual movie is a lot calmer and less chaotic:

Have you read the books? Are they in fact better than the movie? Or was it a decent adaptation?

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Mixed Shelf #20

Still making my way through my library books. I finished two out of five, and am now busy reading the children's books I picked up. So far so good, but I have to admit I have many, many pages left to read before they're finished.

Wanting: Keeper of Lost Cities by Shannon Messenger
This is a new series that is bound to get big soon. Lots of people have been raving about it, and it has a ridiculously high rating on Goodreads. Anyway, it's a magical middle grade book about two telepaths that need to work together. You know I love middle grade, and if a book is so well-received by adults as well, I really want to read it!

Reading: Liesl & Po by Lauren Oliver
Sticking with middle grade... I just picked up Liesl and Po from the library. I read one Lauren Oliver ("Before I Fall") and though it was an ok read, I did not love it. However, this is off to quite a promising start. And one thing I love about books for younger audiences is that they cut out all the standard teen issues, and just leave the magic.

Waiting: Lockwood & Co. by Jonathan Stroud
I bought this at a book signing, and though I was so excited to buy it, I have to admit I haven't started it yet. And I won't have time to read it this year, but I might be able to still squeeze it into this winter. Can't say if it's good yet, but Jonathan Stroud was just wonderful. Really friendly and enthusiastic! So I almost recommend this in advance.

Have you picked up anything from the library recently? Or read any fun middle grade?

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Plans & Goals: December

December is here. The last month of the year. The last chance to cross things of your yearly goals! …or a chance to just hibernate and enjoy the holidays. If I'm honest, I hope to do more of the latter. And maybe these things:

  • Cast on something with the yarn from the swatch above.
  • Show you some finished knitting projects I haven't posted yet.
  • Write a Christmas song.
  • Read a graphic novel.
  • Go see Mockingjay. I've come this far, right? Better stick with it!
  • Catch some post-Christmas bargains in shops I otherwise can't afford.
  • Experiment with cooking again.
  • Send out some awesome gifts to some awesome friends.
  • And just enjoy my first Christmas in my own home!

What are your plans for the last bit of 2015? Do you have anything fun planned for the holidays?

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Looking Back on November

The beginning of November seems ages ago! Yet, the month still seemed to go by very quickly. Anyway, it was a strange month... I had to cancel a lot of my plans, but I also still got to do a bunch of fun things.

  • I reviewed a beautiful dress that was sent to me by eShakti.
  • Visited Ikea for some things I needed. Though I failed to get the most important things from my list...
  • Started memorizing some Christmas songs to play on guitar.
  • Got excited for Christmas and made both a wishlist and a gift guide.
  • Had a lovely giveaway with Love n Lavish.
  • Went to a classical concert with a friend.
  • My blog had its 5th anniversary!
  • Received a gorgeous jewelry set from ADesignJewelry in the mail.
  • And kept myself busy with some unintentionally color-coordinated entertainment. 

How did November treat you? Did you do anything worth mentioning? Tell me!

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Christmas Gift Guide

After yesterday's Christmas Wishlist, I thought it would also be nice to post a cute Gift Guide, to hopefully give you some fun ideas of things to get for your friends or family members. So let's get started!

Twenty Fingers is a shop I've been eyeing for ages, and they have the perfect winter/Christmas brooches! They also make brooches with mittens or socks, but my favorites from the winter collection are these animals.

This set of bowls from Belinism would be cute all year round, but it happens to have some Christmassy colors that make it very fit for the Holidays as well. Not for all budgets, but they sure are beautiful!

Winter is cold -at least, in most places!- and gifts that help keep one warm are quite a good idea. Especially when they're cute. And this hot water cover by ZippityDooDah definitely is. And it's even made from recycled materials!

Though it can be very nice to receive Christmassy gifts, I know certain things are a little too traditional for some people. Maybe they would like this cute santa tote bag by helloDODOshop. It's modern and very cute!

A wonderful gift for owl lovers would be this sterling silver owl pendant from Jewel Be Charmed. I'm pretty smitten with it myself! I love how the back is very detailed too. They're so endearing, these little owls!

I think Wassupbrothers' creatures are perfect in any season, but there are some furry ones that are especially great to cuddle up with at Christmas and during the entire winter, like this amazing Henry the deer!

Lastly, I'd like to show you Anna Wiscombe's wooden Christmas collection. It's absolutely stunning! And perfect for people that prefer a more subtle and natural color palette for their home. These decorations are very sophisticated!

I hope this gave you some nice ideas for Christmas gifts! Or maybe you found something to put on your own wishlist.

Are you busy getting ready for Christmas too, of do you do everything later on in December?

P.S. Perhaps I should also take this opportunity to mention that I have a ton of Christmas items in my own Etsy shop too. So if you need to shop for any bookworms, look no further. (And all designs can also be made as brooches!)

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Christmas Wishlist

You know what? I feel like Christmas today! The holidays are right around the corner, so why not post a wishlist?!

I love Meluseena and own a few things from the shop already, but I am seriously smitten with this Snow White locket! The illustration is so beautiful, as is the color palette. To top it off, you can even add free charms!

I still don't have a rolling pin. But ValekRollingPins makes the perfect ones! I try to only have really cool kitchen essentials, and an embossing rolling pin would fit right in! My favorite is the floral one, but there's one with owls too!

These already made an appearance at the beginning of the month, but I just love them. The US Anthropologie is now carrying them too, and they're also still available in the UK store (creamer/sugar bowl), sold seperately, but they're especially cute as a set! Ah, they're so precious! And I think they look a lot more expensive than they actually are.

How quirky and fun are these cat socks? And I love their little frames. Also, can't go wrong with those colors!

I really love raccoons! And I've also always been a sucker for pink, mint green and white together. So this wall hook by Micush was pretty much made for me. It has such a pretty shape too, and the illustration has so much depth.

And this wouldn't be my wishlist if there weren't any owls involved, so I thought I would end with some amazing clothes by Marty May. I would love the cardigan (in XS) and/or the t-shirt (in S) below! They are grown up, yet still cute.

So those are all the things I have my eye on…. What are you hoping to receive this Christmas? 

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Mixed Shelf #19

I'm trying to finish all my library books before they are due. Thankfully they're all fun, and easy to read. And I didn't notice as I was picking them, but all books are quite magical as well. So I'm sticking with that theme today.

Wanting: Among Others by Jo Walton
A fifteen year-old girl tries to escape some things in her life, she finds solace in books. However, apparently there's quite a lot of magic in her world as well. And her very own mother uses it, though not for good… Anyway, I've heard many wonderful things about this and I'm pretty sure it's exactly my kind of book. Also, fairies! Need I say more?

Reading: Lost Lake by Sarah Addison Allen
Earlier this year I read my first Sarah Addison Allen. When I saw her latest one in the library I got really excited, and without even reading the back, I took it home. So far it's just as good as I was hoping. Not a lot of magic yet, but I'm pretty sure that will show up soon. And although I am looking forward to that, I'm currently not bored in the least.

Waiting: The Time Traveller's Wife by Audrey Niffenegger
This one has been waiting on my shelf for way too long. But I watched the movie this week and really enjoyed it. The extra dvd interviews made it clear they skipped some events from the actual book. And I look forward to finding out what those are exactly… So I guess that poor paperback won't have to wait much longer till I actually read it.

Are you reading something fun at the moment? Or do you have any magical recommendations?


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